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The Story

Hi, My Name Is Aminul


This is a Web design & SEO agency that takes care of all the needs of a business.

Whether you want to develop a brand, take care of its online assets, or create new ones.

I run this agency as a SEO expert and a website developer.

The Spark which started the fire

Since day one of my conscious life, I’ve been fascinated by communication.

 I’ve noticed how two people could say the same thing and get sometimes quite opposite results.

This note and many other questions brought me to the path of studying and working in the field of Marketing, I was going to be a traditional local marketer.

 But somewhere along the way my passion for aesthetics and technology took over, and since 2015 I’ve been into designing visual communication, User Experience and SEO Expert.

A journey

I called it a journey because to become a web Developer & a SEO expert was a dream and to achieving the dream I went through lots of drama & consequence .

At first, I discovered Search Engine Optimization and Web Development, but very fast online products were my main work and pleasure.

I studied in Mentor and Institute of Business & Technology  colleges and Geeked myself on SEO ,  HTML/CSS, WordPress, and much more… of course, I still learn every day as part of a routine.

It’s my mission, to be able to supply everything a business might need to create its magic and reach goals.

what I am doing now

Now my life become more challenging and adventurous then ever it was.

Every day I have to take challenge to create a Brand, Increase their sales every day, Bring their company top on google.

We are working with more then 100 clients today and Me & my team work hard day and night to fulfill your all the exception. 

Design For Business

Yes, I do SEO , I make websites. But without any doubt, the main impact of working with me is getting clarity of vision, with strategic messaging in mind, for the long run, whatever your goals are.